DeAndre Jordan


Usually when players-only meetings are called the team is reeling like the 2-7 Wizards were a couple seasons ago, not 11-4 going into Friday's games like the Cleveland Cavaliers.


For the Wizards to go beyond the second round of the playoffs, where they've lost in six games in the last two seasons, will require key contributors to do a little bit more. 


The vast majority of those participating in the Las Vegas Summer League are doing so with an NBA guaranteed contract. For that massive factio, the goal is clear: Land a job. 


On this week's installment of Almost Relevant, Marisa Pilla takes a look at the DeAndre Jordan drama, Torrey Smith's son dancing and a Redskins player's bone to pick with CSN.


How about those first days of free agency, huh? Exhausting. And as soon as the dust began to settle, Summer League play started up in Las Vegas.