Avery Bradley


A four-game sweep of the Wizards is complete, as the Boston Celtics wrestled away the lead by halftime and put them away 116-91 to wrap up the season series in front off 11,753 at Verizon Center.


The Wizards didn't lose because of John Wall, who admitted that his legs were almost dead when he missed the layup at the buzzer that would've sent Saturday's game into overtime.


This looked nothing like the Boston Celtics' smashing of the Wizards by 20 points three weeks ago.


No matter how much better the Wizards are than the Boston Celtics when it comes to their seeding or win total, each season they pose a stiff test because of their style of play under coach Brad St


The process of evaluating potential draft picks is done after the best group of six prospects, led by R.J. Hunter of Georgia State, stopped through Verizon Center on Tuesday.