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Thanks to John Wall, one class's final exam became a lot less stressful

Thanks to John Wall, one class's final exam became a lot less stressful

These days, it seems like there are two ways to handle an exam at school.

The first way can be considered the old-fashioned method: Looking over the materials from that semester or year in a method that scholars refer to as "studying."

The second way, meanwhile, is more of a recent, but still effective, trend: Lob a tweet at an athlete on Twitter and ask them to retweet it, and if they do, celebrate as you and your class cash in on an agreement made with your teacher beforehand.

One particularly bold class opted for the second route on Monday, and thanks to John Wall, the students in that class now have nothing to worry about when it comes to math.


It started when a Twitter user named Luke took the following photo of his teacher with a sign that detailed a deal made between her and her pupils. All Wall had to do was see, and then acknowledge, that message, and everyone in that period would receive a 100 on the final test.

Fortunately for the kids, the Wizards' team account discovered Luke's request and also passed it along to Washington's point guard:

After that, well, all you need to do is check out Luke's reaction to figure out if Wall held up his end of the bargain:

Even in the offseason, the man can pick up an assist.


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Ovechkin's dog debuts camo onesie at Dulles Airport

Ovechkin's dog debuts camo onesie at Dulles Airport

Are dog onesies the new male romper?

Alex Ovechkin's dog, Blake, is bound to become a doggo-fashion icon after dawning a camoflauge onesie before catching a flight at Dulles Airport.

Featured on Ovechkin's wife, Nastasiya's Instagram story, (h/t: RMNB) Ovi can be seen wearing navy sweatpants playing dress up with dog, Blake. 

Blake waits patiently, tail wagging as Ovi places Blake's legs in the onesie one-by-one. Nastasiya and Ovi can be heard laughing as Blake struts around, modeling the onesie for nearby passengers, including a child who sits with Blake on the floor.

Although it is unclear where the onesie was purchased, Ovi shows off some of its features including a pocket, possibly to hold treats and a hole for Blake's tail, which is wagging nonstop.

If there were an America's next top doggo, Blake and his onesie would take the prize. What a good boy.

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Reminder: Don't expect the Redskins to go after Richard Sherman, and here's why

Reminder: Don't expect the Redskins to go after Richard Sherman, and here's why

This article first appeared on April 6, 2017

The Seahawks, oddly, have openly talked about trading Pro Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman.

Plenty of teams will be interested, but that might not include the Redskins. 

One of the best players in the NFL, Sherman is a model of durability and skill in the Seattle secondary. He has not missed a game in his six year career and has made the last four Pro Bowl teams. Last season, Sherman hauled in four interceptions and broke up another 13 passes. Pro Football Focus ranked Sherman the 10th best corner in the league with a grade of +14.

So why wouldn't the Redskins go after him?

Simple: Money.


Sherman is due an $11 million salary in 2017, and another $11 million in 2018.

After signing linebacker Zach Brown earlier this week, the Redskins only have about $9 million left under the salary cap. Remember too that the team needs around $2 million in cap space to sign their 10 draft picks later this month. 

Yes, Washington could create more salary cap space by releasing veterans or reworking deals. DeAngelo Hall is owed more than $4 million this fall, and the veteran safety said in January he understands it's likely he will have to alter his contract.

Beyond the salary cap, Josh Norman is already on the books for $16.5 million this season and $13.5 million next year. It would be unorthodox for the 'Skins to invest nearly $30 million in a pair of corners, even with a rising cap. 

Lastly, it sounds like Sherman doesn't actually expect to be traded.

"Very little chance it happens, but both sides are listening," Sherman said of the trade talk via Albert Breer for MMQB.com.

A trade could happen, but it seems unlikely.

It seems even more unlikely that trade would be to Washington. 


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