Seahawks take over the White House, Obama teases Russell Wilson

Seahawks take over the White House, Obama teases Russell Wilson
May 21, 2014, 7:00 pm
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Remember how loud the crowds were for Seattle Seahawks home games? The Seahawks rode the home field advantage all the way to a Super Bowl win, and when the team entered the East Room of the White House to recieve honors from President Barack Obama, many of the same rowdy fans clapped, chanted and supported their team just like they would in Seattle. 

There is no official ranking of loudest Super Bowl receptions at the White House, but if there was, Wednesday's Seattle crowd would rank near the top. 

President Obama even joked about Seattle's famed home field advantage, calling the architecture of the stadium "cheating" the way it holds in the noise. But this day was all smiles, from Seattle coach Pete Carroll to quarterback Russell Wilson and the NFL's most famous cornerback Richard Sherman.

Obama had plenty of jokes, including a jab at the newly closely cropped hair of Wilson.

"He looks okay this way," the President joked, "he doesn't have a peanut head or anything."

The president also said he would let Sherman take the mike, but that the event would never end once the vocal CB took over. The best joke came about Marshawn Lynch, who did not attend the event.

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Lynch gained a level of infamy during Super Bowl week for his aversion to speaking with the media. The star running back, dubbed Beast Mode, prefers to avoid the press at all times possible, and gave the famous quote that he is simply "'bout that action, boss" instead of the song-and-dance of talking with reporters. Obama joked that he would like to emulate Lynch's stance with the press, and the commander-in-chief even dropped the "bout that action" line.

Despite all the good-natured barbs, Obama also saluted the Seattle squad for their character. The President said that much like his rise to the nation's top office, many of the Seahawks players came from relative obscurity to stardom, and he appreciated their perseverance.

"Let me just say, as a guy elected president named Barack Obama, I root for the underdogs. Seeing folks overcome the odds excites me. It also excites me when you see the whole being greater than the sum of its parts."

Carroll spoke on behalf of the Seahawks, and thanked the President for his time and the White House reception. Rather than the normal team jersey with the President's last name on the back, Seattle gave Obama a 12th Man flag, identical to the one they raise before every home game.

Unless you're a 49ers fan or Peyton Manning, it's hard to judge the day anything but a success.