Ryan Clark will wear No. 21--at practice

Ryan Clark will wear No. 21--at practice
April 6, 2014, 9:00 am
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Ryan Clark has been wearing Sean Taylor's jersey No. 21 in practice for many years while a member of the Steelers. He played alongside Taylor in 2004-2005 before leaving for Pittsburgh as a free agent. 

No Redskin has worn the number during games since Taylor was shot and killed in his home in 2007. After Clark signed with the Redskins earlier this week he put the question of continuing to wear No. 21 during practice to fans on his Twitter account.

The reaction was mixed at best. Clark decided that rather than putting it to a vote of the fans, he would ask someone who was close to Taylor for advice. 

So, No. 21 in practice it will be. Clark will wear No. 25 during games.