Robert Griffin III hopes to pick Tom Brady's brain

Robert Griffin III hopes to pick Tom Brady's brain
August 1, 2014, 12:15 pm
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RICHMOND—Robert Griffin III says he’d love to pick Tom Brady’s brain when the Patriots come to town next week. But the Redskins quarterback also acknowledged that it might not be feasible.

“I’ve talked to Tom before,” Griffin said. “But when they get here, everyone will be focused on what they are focused on. It’s not buddy-up time.”

The Redskins will host the Patriots in joint practices Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the Bon Secours Training Center. The teams will then face one another in the preseason opener next Thursday at FedEx Field.

Griffin, who is entering his third season, could learn a lot from Brady, a three-time Super Bowl champion and nine time Pro Bowler. But Griffin said he’ll understand if Brady doesn’t want to share any trade secrets.

“If I get a chance to sit down and talk to him, I’d love to, just to pick his brain,” Griffin added. “But he’s also still playing quarterback in the NFL. It’s a competitive position, a competitive sport. So I don’t expect him to give me any groundbreaking secrets.” 

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