RG3 says team did not lose confidence in 2013

RG3 says team did not lose confidence in 2013
April 29, 2014, 9:00 am
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The Redskins lost 13 games last year but they never lost their confidence.

At least that’s what quarterback Robert Griffin III told CSN Washington last week.

“I know I did not lose confidence,” said Griffin. “I know my teammates did not lose confidence.”

It might have been easy for the team to give up early in games. In their 16 games they were outscored 126-47 in the first quarter so they frequently had to play from behind. And Griffin clearly was not the quarterback he was when he won the rookie of the year award in 2012, whether it was due to his knee injury, a lack of offseason work on the field, defenses catching up to his style of play, or a combination of all of that.

“We were not a well-oiled machine last year,” said Griffin.

Still, they battled to stay competitive. Griffin cited three games—losses to the Packers, Chiefs, and 49ers—that the Redskins were out of early. And even when they fell behind the Packers 31-0 “we didn’t just chunk it up and say, hey, the game’s over,” said Griffin.

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Of their other 10 losses, seven were one-score games. In six of those games the Redskins had the ball in the hands of either Griffin or Kirk Cousins with a chance to tie or win it but they couldn’t get it done.

Griffin said that Sean McVay, the tight ends coach last year who is now the team’s offensive coordinator, told him that he could see the fight that the team had.

“He said that no matter what was happening in those games he could see a look in my eyes and a lot of the guys on the team’s eyes that we were going to make it happen,” said Griffin.

As Griffin well knows, however, it’s a results business. Competing and confidence and continuing to fight are fine but at some point all of the effort needs to add up to some wins.

“Now, [the results] on the field, that’s a whole nother issue that needs to stay in our rear view,” he said. “I think it made us better as a team and we’re in a better place now but it’s not something that we need to continue to rehash.”

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