RG3 ready to turn the page on 2013

RG3 ready to turn the page on 2013
June 4, 2014, 3:15 pm
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The year 2013 is not one of Robert Griffin III’s favorite subjects. 

It started with him sustaining a serious knee injury in a playoff game at FedEx Field. It ended with him getting shut down for the last three games of the season by Mike Shanahan. And what happened in between wasn’t too great either.

Due to the injury rehab and drama between the quarterback and the coach the spotlight was frequently on Griffin. Despite was some believe, he was not comfortable with that situation.

We’ve got new additions, there’s DeSean Jackson, Ryan Clark, [Jason] Hatcher, all these guys that are here doing great things,” said Griffin after Wednesday’s OTA session. “The storylines don’t all lead back to me and that’s fine. It’s all about us and I’ve said it multiple times—it’s about we.”

He was a spectator for all of last season’s offseason program as he rehabbed the knee. That hindered him during the year. “That’s where you build your foundation to get ready for the season,” he said. “You always need that.”

Don’t look for Griffin to talk about last year much going forward. “Everybody wants me to compare this year to last year,” he said. “We haven’t played any games yet and even when we do play the game I’m still not going to compare them. It is what it is; that question will not be answered.”