Redskins' Williams learned workout regimen from Adrian Peterson

Redskins' Williams learned workout regimen from Adrian Peterson
July 25, 2014, 9:30 am
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RICHMOND—One of the knocks on Trent Williams when the came into the league was that he relied too much on his natural athletic ability and that he wasn’t a regular in the weight room.

Mike Shanahan didn’t believe that there wasn’t enough to the work ethic talk to keep him from taking Williams with the fourth pick of the 2010 draft. Shanahan wasn’t right about everything but he was spot on with his first draft pick with Washington.

He had some injury issues his first two years in the league, missing four games (he also missed four games due to a substance abuse suspension). But the last two seasons he has missed only a handful of snaps. Not coincidentally, he was selected to the Pro Bowl both seasons.

Clearly, he works at his craft. “I want to get myself out there and prove that I belong and that I can get better,” he said after the Redskins’ first training camp practice on Thursday.

He came into camp ready to go.  “Physically I feel great.,” he said. “I haven’t felt better, really, coming into camp without any nagging injuries. It feels great.”

The key is knowing how—and when—to get ready for that first day of camp. 

“It’s all about what you do when no one’s watching,” Williams said. “When the cameras are out here it’s easy to go hard and pick up your tempo. But when it’s Tuesday morning and you don’t have nothing to do to get out of the house and go get a workout in and try to get better, it takes a lot.”

He learned from one of the best, a fellow Oklahoma alumnus.

“My first offseason Adrian Peterson kind of took me under his wing and kind of showed me the ropes,” he said. “I just try to follow that game plan every summer.”

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