Redskins No. 9 most valuable sports franchise in the world

Redskins No. 9 most valuable sports franchise in the world
July 17, 2014, 3:15 pm
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For decades the Redskins ranked as one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world, and this year the team remained near the top. In the 2014 list, the Redskins ranked No. 9 with a value of $1.7 billion, down one spot from the 2013 list.

Forbes placed Real Madrid as the highest valued sports team in the world at $3.44 billion. Behind them sits their arch rival Barcelona, with a value of $3.2 billion. It's pretty amazing the Redskins rank ninth on the list, but at about half the value of Real Madrid. 

The highest ranked American team came at No. 4 with the New York Yankees. The Bronx Bombers valuation came to $2.5 billion. Immediately following the Yankees came the Dallas Cowboys, the highest valued NFL franchise, at $2.3 billion.

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For many years, the Redskins have been competing with the Cowboys for highest valued NFL franchises, but now the New England Patriots rank higher than the 'Skins. Robert Kraft's Patriots ranked No. 8 with a value of $1.8 billion.

Directly behind the Redskins on the list come NFC East rivals New York Giants, valued at $1.55 billion. The Baltimore Ravens ranked No. 19 on the list at $1.227 billion, while the NFC East's fourth team, the Philadelphia Eagles, came in at No. 17 with a value of $1.314 billion.

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