Redskins looking for 'hungry' players

Redskins looking for 'hungry' players
May 6, 2014, 12:30 pm
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If you want to get drafted by the Redskins you’d better love the weight room.

That was the message from Bruce Allen during the team’s pre-draft press conference today at Redskins Park.

“What we’re looking for is people who love football and want to play football and want to win with the Washington Redskins,” said Allen. “Whether it was in free agency or this draft, we’ve done a very good job, we feel, of digging into the heart and soul of the prospects. And in free agency we feel good about it and we’re hoping to add to this team through the draft with some very hungry football players. “

How exactly do they dig in to the “heart and soul” of a college prospect?

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“You get that information on campuses when you go through and talk to the coaches, the trainers, the strength coaches you find out what a guys’ work ethic is and how important football is to him,” said Director of Player Personnel Scott Campbell. “I think if you’ve got those two qualities you’ve got an excellent chance to be developed as opposed to a guy who doesn’t love the weight room, is late, doesn’t work, is overweight never in shape when the season starts. Those are flags to you about how important football is to them.”

The data about how important football is gets rolled into the final evaluations.

“The grade that a player has on him, his final grade, takes into consideration all of his physical talents and the desire that we feel that he has to play,” said Allen. 

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