Redskins Coach Jay Gruden wants players to decompress but stay in shape, too

Redskins Coach Jay Gruden wants players to decompress but stay in shape, too
June 19, 2014, 10:15 am
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With the 2 ½ month-long offseason training program officially in the rearview for the Redskins, coaches and players now have about five weeks until they report for training camp.

For the coaching staff, it’s an opportunity to spend some quality time with their families. Same for the players but with one significant caveat: They’ve also got to keep their bodies in top condition ahead of the most grueling part of the year. The Richmond sun is unrelenting, and players who spend too much time relaxing and too little time training are quickly exposed.

“That’s the message that we’ll have for these guys: don’t waste what we did this offseason by not doing what you’re supposed to do over this next month while you’re not here,” said quarterback Robert Griffin III, who added that he intends to stay in touch with his teammates to make sure they’re working out regularly as well as reviewing the playbook.

Griffin plans to take an out-of-town vacation with his wife. But it will be a short one.

“I’ll definitely go on vacation,” Griffin said. “I’m not going to tell ya’ll where I’m going. I’m sure you’ll find out eventually…I’m going to take some time, not very much, to go on vacation with the wife.”

Griffin’s plans sound familiar to many of the team’s other players.

Fullback Darrell Young plans to visit the Bahamas before returning to a training routine that includes boxing. Safety Ryan Clark is taking his wife on a surprise trip for their 10th wedding anniversary before heading to Arizona to work with his personal trainer. Rookie offensive tackle Morgan Moses, meantime, will be working to get into NFL shape …while attempting to find a place to live in the Ashburn area.

“Run a lot, and don’t wait until the last week before training camp to start running,” Griffin cracked, asked what advice he would give rookies. “Because that’s usually a bad idea.”

Coach Jay Gruden said he’s able to measure how important football is to a player by their physical condition when they weigh in July 23 in Richmond. 

“From the players’ standpoint, they have to continue to train and work on their own hopefully,” Gruden said. “Most of them are professionals and they’ll do that. We’ll see when they come to camp.”

Gruden said each player will be given a training program tailored to their specific needs. He also expects them to stay in touch with staff members. 

“That’s what being a pro is all about,” Gruden added. “It’s about working, not so much in front of your coaches, but on your own. And hopefully we have the type of guys in this locker room that are going to work hard on their own, and hopefully it will pay dividends once we come to camp.”