OPEN THREAD: Do the Redskins need to move Kirk Cousins?

OPEN THREAD: Do the Redskins need to move Kirk Cousins?
May 14, 2014, 7:00 am
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If it seems like there have been questions about the dynamic between Redskins quarterbacks Kirk Cousins and Robert Griffin III since the day both players joined the team, that would be correct. The Redskins paid a lot to draft RG3, and then just four rounds later, the team selected Cousins, creating an odd comfort level between the players since day one. 

It must be noted that the previous Redskins regime drafted Cousins to go with Griffin, and with the Shanahans out of power in Ashburn, many thought it would make sense to trade the backup. Cousins has NFL value, while what that value is can be debated, it's obvious other QB-needy teams could desire Cousins.  And yet, no trade happened throughout the NFL Draft, and if the season began tomorrow, Washington would have three quarterbacks on the roster with the offseason addition of Colt McCoy.

Now reports come out that both Cousins and Griffin want to see a move made. 

Skins GM Bruce Allen said there were no calls for a Cousins trade, and whether or not that's true, the bigger issue may be Cousins and Griffin interacting come training camp. Nobody could blame Cousins for wanting a chance to be a starter, and as long as Griffin is healthy, that option won't exist in D.C.

And though he shouldn't worry, it makes sense for Griffin to have slight insecurity with Cousins in the room. No quarterback endured a public benching like Griffin in 2013, a healthy player sat to rest for the following season simply doesn't happen in the NFL. If Griffin wants the quarterback room to himself, it would be an understandable position. 

So what's really happening? Should the Skins trade Cousins, if for nothing else than chemistry? Or is the whole thing overblown, and the players get along fine?

Let us know what you think in the comments.