Minicamp report: Hall makes the play of the day

Minicamp report: Hall makes the play of the day
June 18, 2014, 1:00 pm
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It was another hot one at Redskins Park on Tuesday as the team worked out in the second of its three minicamp practices. Here are some observations.

Andre Roberts was returning a lot of punts today after taking a lot of kickoffs yesterday. He appears to be serious about wanting both of those return jobs.

Ryan Kerrigan was a spectator today, watching the proceedings in a baseball hat. It turns out he has a back issue that wouldn’t have kept him out of a regular-season practice.

Tanard Jackson drew a lot of praise early on after returning from a two-year suspension. But lately he has been lining up almost exclusively with the third team. He hasn’t been distinguishing himself but it’s not like he has been failing lately, at least not in the sessions we have observed. Perhaps they want him to make sure he knows he has to work his way up after his long absence.

Jarvis Jenkins had a nice smackdown of a Robert Griffin III pass. Griffin rolled right, Jenkins sprinted over with him and knocked the attempted pass right back at the QB.

—As noted yesterday, Griffin is getting more and more in sync with his receivers. The next step is to get a little better with his ball placement. The pass catchers are being forced to reach or even lunge for some of his passes. It’s not a big thing but if it’s still an issue when we get later into training camp it will be cause for some concern.

—We had a Phillip Thomas sighting in seven on seven work as he went up to intercept a high Kirk Cousins pass.

Jay Gruden explained yesterday that it’s hard to judge the effectiveness of running plays executed without pads but they can see what they’re looking for on film. On one run that ultimately went nowhere, Lache Seastrunk put a nice juke on a defender and made a nice cut upfield.

DeAngelo Hall made the play of the day with a sideline interception of a pass from Griffin to DeSean Jackson. Griffin thought he had a window to get the ball in to the receiver but Hall closed it. There was a loud celebration and Hall tossed the ball high in the air, a most that might have drawn a 15-yard celebration penalty.

—Fun fact learned on the sidelines—the Redskins will go through 8,000 pounds of ice on a hot day like this one. That’s over 88 pounds per player.

—Your third-team offensive line from left to right is Tom Compton, Tevita Stevens, Kevin Kowalski, Adam Gettis, and Adam Hurt.

—Towards the end of practice they had a pretty good two-minute drill going with Colt McCoy at QB. They started around their own 30 and passes to Niles Paul and Rashad Lawrence got them into the defense’s territory and stopped the clock. But it ended with Doug Worthington getting a hand on McCoy’s pass and Jeremy Kimbrough coming up with the interception.