Market for Cousins could pop up as draft unfolds

Market for Cousins could pop up as draft unfolds
May 7, 2014, 2:45 pm
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When Bruce Allen was asked about inquiries into teams looking to trade for Kirk Cousins, his answer was brief.

“No, no conversations,” said Allen. “As I said, we have three quarterbacks who can win for us and we’re happy to have Kirk on the team.”

So that’s that, right? Cousins is going nowhere?

Not so fast. Maybe he’ll stay a Redskin, but maybe not. It’s possible that the Redskins haven’t received any phone calls about Cousins because it’s not time for them to get those calls yet. The market for Cousins may not develop until sometime during the draft.

The Browns have been widely discussed as a potential landing spot for Cousins due to the presence of Kyle Shanahan as their offensive coordinator so we’ll use them as an example, but you could fill in the blank with any of the dozen or so other teams that might draft a signal caller.

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If the Browns get past their second-round pick and still don’t have a quarterback, that is when they will pick up the phone and punch in the 703 area code for Redskins Park. The Redskins hope that multiple teams are in a similar situation and a nice bidding war for Cousins ensues.

There is no market for Cousins today and there might not be one tomorrow. It’s only when some general managers are faced with the prospect of explaining to their owners that they will have to sell the fans hope while lining up the same stiff behind center who was booed off of the field last year that interest in Cousins will perk up.

This doesn’t mean that a deal will materialize. Maybe the Redskins won’t get an offer that is good enough for them to promote Colt McCoy to the top backup job. Perhaps enough teams will find possible answers at QB.

But just because nothing has happened yet doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to happen at some point in the next few days.