The location changes but Redskins training camp routine continues

The location changes but Redskins training camp routine continues
August 13, 2014, 9:00 am
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The Redskins 2014 training camp is over—sort of.

The organization packed up and left Richmond on Wednesday. The blocking sleds, Brian Baker’s various tackling dummies and pads, the video equipment, and all of the other items it takes to support practice activities for an NFL team were transported back to Ashburn. And after taking Wednesday off to get back home and see their families, on Thursday the players and coaches will resume essentially the same activities they have been conducting for the last three weeks.

“We’ll still be at camp,” said quarterback Robert Griffin III. “We’ll still be doing two-a-days and going to practice twice a day. So it’s nothing different, we just get a chance to be in better beds.”

Under the CBA the Redskins have the option to have the players practice twice a day, with one padded practice lasting no more than three hours and a walkthrough. They can do that until the period defined as “preseason training camp” ends after the last weekend following the final preseason games.

It doesn’t look like the Redskins will go that long, with practice tentatively scheduled to last about two hours on Thursday and Friday. Jay Gruden said that the Redskins will wear pads on those days and then go with a lighter workout on Saturday in preparation for their second preseason game on Monday night at FedEx Field against the Browns.

Gruden confirmed that it will be essentially the same daily routine for the team, with some modifications. “Times of meetings might change, no more night meetings probably, but as far as practice and the grind of studying football and practicing football it'll be the same,” he said. 

One difference will be that fans will not be permitted in to watch the team practice. In Richmond, fans were permitted to watch every practice and walkthrough with the exception of the final one on Tuesday. Members of the media could also watch all of practice in Richmond but after this week they will only be able to watch individual drills, which cover about the first 30 minutes of practice. 

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