ICYMI: Selfies, kisses, and RG3'ing

ICYMI: Selfies, kisses, and RG3'ing
July 11, 2014, 1:00 pm
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This week saw many things. The World Cup finalists have been chosen, the Tour de France progressed, and once again athletes shared their lives with us via social media. In case you missed it, here are some of the successes and failures from this week around the Internet.

1) Marcin Gortat joined in on some summer league action in Orlando and offered this friendly reminder courtesy of his t-shirt. Additional points for it being homemade, so we'll chalk this one up as a success.

2) Scoring a goal in soccer is hard. So is taking a proper selfie. Sporting Kansas City forward Dom Dwyer managed to do both in the matter of seconds. After scoring for his team, Dwyer ran off the field in celebration, grabbed a phone from someone on the sidelines, and produced this gem of a selfie you see below. The crowd obviously loved it, as did the Internet (it was retweeted over 1,600 times), but the referee however did not. Dwyer received a yellow card for his little celebration. Despite the penalty this was definitely a #Success.

3) Winning the Tour de France is also hard, so is trying to kiss a complete stranger. Italian cyclist Vincenzo Nibali went 1-1 in that field on Sunday after he won the second round of the Tour. Standing at the podium he was handed flowers and was waiting for his trophy when he decided to go in for a smooch from one of the trophy girls. Bad Idea. What started off as an attempt for a victory kiss ended as an extremely awkward interaction. After reaching her arm out for a hug, the trophy girl pulls away as Nibali gets closer to kissing her. It's pretty hard to watch, especially over and over again. Access denied- fail. 


4) DeSean Jackson has been enjoying his offseason tremendously. He's found a new home in D.C, hung out at the BET awards, and has been seen with many celebrity friends. This past week was no different. Jackson posted a photo of him hanging out with Drake and Cortez "Tez" Bryant (Lil' Wayne's manager). DeSean has some pretty cool friends, success. 

5) Remember when RG3'ing was a thing? Well in case you forgot, RGIII brought his iconic pose after Argentina's semifinal victory over the Netherlands on Wednesday. Both Argentina super star Lionel Messi and RGIII are sponsored by Adidas so naturally Griffin took to Instagram to show his fellow Adidas teammate some love after a huge victory.  We love to see cross-sport support from superstars but do we really want to see RG3'ing make a return? This one's a draw.