ICYMI: Leotards, cramps, and Matthew McConaughey

ICYMI: Leotards, cramps, and Matthew McConaughey
June 6, 2014, 2:30 pm
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Another week is in the books and if your refreshing skills were sub par the past seven days, here is some of what you may have missed on social media. 


1) Serena Williams did not make it as far in the French Open as she may have liked but she didn't let that bring her down. 

Days after leaving the Open, she crashed a stranger's beach wedding in a cheetah print leotard, but I don't think anyone seemed to mind.


2) Capitals' LW Dustin Penner played for the LA Kings for three seasons and ventured back to LA to watch his former team take on the Rangers in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final. If you didn't get a chance to watch the game, the Kings came back from a two-goal deficit to win 3-2 in OT. It was a pretty exciting game and Penner was able to express, in a way only Dustin Penner can, what it is like to play in an intense game. 

Ohhhh so that's what it's like. 


3) Matthew McConaughey is big Redskins fan and paid a visit to the burgundy and gold earlier this week and hung out with a few of the guys.

Alright alright alright.


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4) McConaughey also stuck around for Alfred Morris' fundraiser, "Movies with Morris", where the Redskins chose their favorite movies to screen.

Ironically none of them chose McConaughey films, but here are some of the movies that did get chosen.

Niles Paul went with the classic Remember the Titans.

Ryan Kerrigan chose The Internship.

And Nick Sundberg decided on The Lion King



5) Game 1 of the NBA Final was last night and the Spurs are now up in the series 1-0. Besides being a close game, it became known that the air conditioner in the AT&T center wasn't working, which caused LeBron James to cramp up, which caused him to be carried off the court, which caused Internet portrayals of King James' to run rapid throughout the night.