Gruden's preseason head coaching debut a smooth operation

Gruden's preseason head coaching debut a smooth operation
August 8, 2014, 10:00 am
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Jay Gruden thought that everyone made it through his NFL preseason head-coaching debut just fine. Well, except perhaps for the coach himself.

 “Yeah, it was chaotic more so for me than everybody else,” he said. “It was a little crazy with all the headsets and having defense on one line and offense on the other. I’m used to just coaching offense, but it was a little different today.”

Other than that, all was well.

“I felt we were organized,” he said. “From pregame warm-up, I was out there and everything was good, you know, but having 85 to 90 guys on the sideline, it’s rough. But overall, I felt that they were all into the game.”

Quarterback Robert Griffin III started the game but watched most of it from the sideline. The play calling process impressed him.  

“Communication was fluid, getting the plays in and out, making sure we’re getting our keys,” Griffin said.

Despite the fact that 37 different players took snaps on offense, missed assignments seemed to be few and far between and the Redskins did not take a delay of game on offense nor did they have to call a timeout to avoid one.

Griffin liked how Gruden was both relaxed and efficient.

“He enjoys it and that’s the great thing about it,” he said. “You enjoy the process, you enjoy game day. He’s out there with us on game day. When we have a bad play, he has a bad play. When we have a great play he has a great play. That’s great to see from a head coach.”

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Gruden clearly savored the moment but knows that there are bigger and better things to come.

“It was great. It was an exciting experience coming out of the tunnel, seeing all the fans here,” he said. “It was something I will always remember. Too bad it was a preseason game, but I’m sure the first home, regular season game will be a little bit more intense.”