Gruden challenges Redskins; the team responds

Gruden challenges Redskins; the team responds
July 25, 2014, 4:45 pm
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RICHMOND—Jay Gruden was not happy with the performance of the Redskins offense at practice on Thursday and he let the team know that. “Coach challenged us because he felt it wasn’t a great day,” said receiver DeSean Jackson.

We don’t know if Gruden delivered an epic rant like the one he gave to the Bengals in one episode of Hard Knocks. But he seemed to get the point across, as the offense was better on Friday.

“It wasn’t a very good practice offensively,” Gruden said of Thursday morning’s session. “A lot of it we expected; the weather had something to do with it. Dropped balls and I felt the tempo wasn’t as clean and sharp as I would like it. I had to challenge them. So, they responded very well today.”

This is a critical time for the team as they are installing the offense and they are doing so on a fairly short timetable. “We’ll probably get the bulk of our playbook in by the fifth or sixth day here,” said Gruden. “We’ll continue to tweak it, add some plays, maybe add some formations off of the same plays that we’re running that we’ve had success with and we want to make certain plays look the same but they’re different.”

So how many plays are they putting in each day?

“We put in probably 50 or 60 [plays] last night, we’ll probably put in 35 or 40 tonight, we’ll got down to 20 the next night, then 15,” he said.  “We’re putting in the core of our offense in the first three days. By the time the end of the week comes by, hopefully, we’ll have most of it in.”

They also need to install plays for special situations, like red zone, long yardage, no-huddle, and two-minute. It’s a big task and they can’t afford to lose time to sloppy practices.

It doesn’t appear that Gruden will let them do that.