Griffin not concerned about lack of big red zone targets

Griffin not concerned about lack of big red zone targets
August 4, 2014, 10:30 am
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RICHMOND—The Redskins will go into the season without a big wide receiver to serve as a reliable red zone target. The closest thing they have to a tall receiver is rookie free agent Cody Hoffman, who listed a 6-4. But he is very much on the bubble as far as making the roster and if he does he is unlikely that he will be able to contribute much.

But the Redskins have not had a big, effective wide receiver for many years and they have had to learn to live without one. Robert Griffin III says that scheme and execution are the keys.

“You make up for what you don’t have in size with speed and precision and just guys being in the right spot,” he said. “We do have some dynamic guys but at the end of the day none of our receivers are over 6-4, 6-3. We’ll find ways to work scheme to get guys open. But that’s what the coaches watch film for, that’s what the coaches will find the best way and, if not, we have a battering ram in the backfield.”

The “battering ram” is Alfred Morris, who has scored 16 touchdowns on runs starting from inside the 20 in his two years in the league. But he can’t always get it done so the Redskins just have to deal with throwing to shorter targets.

The Redskins were fourth in red zone efficiency in Griffin’s rookie year, getting into the end zone on 60.4 percent of their chances. They dipped to 20th in 2013, scoring touchdowns 52 percent of the time. They essentially had the same receiver corps both years. 

The big difference was not a big passing target but the legs of Griffin. In 2012 he scored six rushing touchdowns from the red zone. He scored none last year. You don’t necessarily want Griffin being your primary red zone weapon but they will need to find the production from somewhere else.