Bruce Allen on RG3's progress: 'I think it’s early'

Bruce Allen on RG3's progress: 'I think it’s early'
August 3, 2014, 9:30 am
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RICHMOND—Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen spoke to reporters on his way off the practice field Saturday and touched a number of topics, including his thoughts on camp thus far, Robert Griffin III’s progress and the Patriots’ upcoming visit.

Here’s what Allen had to say:

Q: What have you thought of the way camp has been run so far?

A: Very smooth. A couple of injuries. Keeping the guys healthy is priority No. 1. And learning, too. So, we’re doing well on the learning but lost a couple of guys.

Q: In terms of having a new coach, what are the differences you see in this camp from previous ones?

A: It’s just a different style. Each team takes on the personality of its coach and Jay [Gruden] has been very involved with the guys. His evening meetings really set the tone for the next day’s work.

Q: How would you describe those meetings?

A: Enthusiastic.

Q: How much improvement have you seen out of Robert, from the end of last year to right now?

A: I think it’s early. He’s learning a new offense, and that will take some time. He’s working hard and we’re getting better.

Q: What are looking to get out of the joint practices with the Patriots?

A: Looking forward to trying to get better that day. Our players will like seeing some new players to hit and bounce around on the field with. But it’s really just trying to get our timing, get ready for the preseason games.

Q: As a guy who’s been in the league a long time, do you admire what the Patriots have built with Coach Bill Belichik, quarterback Tom Brady and owner Robert Kraft?

A: Absolutely. It is one of the teams of the decade. And Coach Belichick is a future hall of famer and deserves to be.