Allen: Redskins plan to have 25 new players on the roster

Allen: Redskins plan to have 25 new players on the roster
May 6, 2014, 4:00 pm
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Earlier this year Redskins GM Bruce Allen talked about the amount of turnover he thought the team would experience this year. He said that he expects that there will be at least 20, perhaps as many 25 players on the roster to start the 2014 season who were not on the team at the end of last year.

That was before free agency started. Now that we have been through free agency and sit two days away from the NFL Draft, Allen’s plans to turn over almost half the roster stand.

“I think if we can do well in this draft that having 25 new players is probably going to be a realistic accomplishment,” said Allen.

That would be a roster composed of 47 percent new players. Is that too much change for one offseason?

“No, I feel comfortable with that,” Allen said. “When you change staffs in the NFL, that adds to the turnover. There’s new thoughts and new ideas and it’s a cleaner slate. Where we were at last year was based on a number of reasons. The talent that we brought in is talent that the personnel department wanted and the coaches wanted.”

Let’s take a look at what players added to the team since the end of last season have a good chance of being around after the team makes it final cuts on August 30.


  1. OL Shawn Lauvao
  2. OL Mike McGlynn
  3. WR DeSean Jackson
  4. WR Andre Roberts
  5. DL Jason Hatcher
  6. DL Clifton Geathers
  7. LB Akeem Jordan
  8. LB Adam Hayward
  9. LB Darryl Sharpton
  10. CB Joey Porter
  11. S Ryan Clark
  12. P Robert Malone

So after free agency the Redskins are about halfway to flipping half of their roster. They have six draft picks and if they all make it they have 18 new players. The remainder of the fresh blood would have to come from undrafted free agents and veteran free agents either still looking for work or cut loose by other teams.