AP Pro32 ballot from Kaufman

AP Pro32 ballot from Kaufman
December 11, 2012, 5:57 pm
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Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Ira Kaufman of Tampa Tribune:

Week 15

IRA KAUFMAN (Tampa Tribune)

1. New England Patriots - How do you spell domination? Outscoring opponents by 15 points per game.

2. Denver Broncos - Amid all the Manning chatter, no AFC defense has allowed fewer points.

3. San Francisco 49ers - Going for a 4-0 sweep of the AFC at Foxborough Sunday night.

4. Houston Texans - A suddenly suspect defense needs to put away the pesky Colts.

5. Atlanta Falcons - For the first time this season, they weren't ready to play in Charlotte.

6. Green Bay Packers - They're getting healthy and scary at the right time.

7. New York Giants - David Wilson's bust-out game was a sight to behold.

8. Seattle Seahawks - Nobody's more physical on both sides of the ball than Pete Carroll's marauders.

9. Baltimore Ravens - Ray Lewis can't return fast enough to stop the bleeding.

10. Indianapolis Colts - If Andrew Luck departs Houston a winner, the Rookie of the Year award is his.

11. Chicago Bears - At this rate, they'll be fortunate to grab an NFC wild-card slot.

12. Washington Redskins - Kirk Cousins to the rescue, and he may not be done yet.

13. Dallas Cowboys - They showed heart and resolve, ingredients that had been in short supply.

14. Minnesota Vikings - Adrian Peterson wants the NFL rushing record who's going to stop him?

15. Cincinnati Bengals - A resurgent defense took a big step backward against the Cowboys.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers - Middle of the pack seems about right for these aging warriors.

17. St. Louis Rams - Young team hanging around the fringes of the NFC playoff picture.

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Opponents averaging 8.14 yards per pass attempt. Ugh.

19. San Diego Chargers - For one afternoon in Pittsburgh, they looked like a playoff team.

20. New York Jets - No margin for error, and they make a lot of 'em.

21. New Orleans Saints - If Drew Brees threw against his own defense, records would fall.

22. Miami Dolphins - In the Year of the Rookie Quarterback, Ryan Tannehill is but an afterthought.

23. Detroit Lions - The only NFC club without a division win literally has no defense for a 4-9 debacle.

24. Cleveland Browns - Since October, the Browns have been no easy mark.

25. Buffalo Bills - This high-priced defense has some talent, but no character.

26. Carolina Panthers - They just took out a season's worth of frustrations on the Falcons.

27. Philadelphia Eagles - In the midst of a lost year, they may have found their quarterback.

28. Tennessee Titans - Chris Johnson will be geared up for a rare Monday night appearance.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars - Chad Henne may be a decent backup, but he's not the guy.

30. Arizona Cardinals - Kurt Warner's not coming back, folks. Move on.

31. Oakland Raiders - Remember when Chiefs-Raiders used to mean something?

32. Kansas City Chiefs - A loyal fan base demands a shakeup and Clark Hunt feels their pain.



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