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Orioles 2B Adams suspended for banned amphetamine

Orioles 2B Adams suspended for banned amphetamine

NEW YORK (AP) Baltimore Orioles second baseman Ryan Adams was suspended Friday for the first 25 games of next season after testing positive for a banned amphetamine.

The 25-year-old Adams played in 29 big league games for the Orioles in 2011 and spent most of last season with Triple-A Norfolk. He was on Baltimore's 40-man roster at the time of the test.

Adams was assigned outright on Sept. 14 to Norfolk, where he hit .224 with four homers, 18 doubles and 20 RBIs in 65 games this year. He was an All-Star two years ago in the Double-A Eastern League.

Since infielder Neifi Perez was suspended twice and outfielder Mike Cameron once for banned stimulants in 2007, the only major league player other than Adams penalized for a stimulant violation was Milwaukee pitcher Mark Rogers in August 2011.

Adams' suspension was announced by the commissioner's office.

There have been five players suspended this year for performance-enhancing drug violations under the big league testing program: San Francisco outfielder Melky Cabrera and pitcher Guillermo Mota; Oakland pitcher Bartolo Colon; Philadelphia infielder Freddy Galvis; and free-agent outfielder Marlon Byrd.

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Optimistic Orioles getting ready for postseason with ticket release

Optimistic Orioles getting ready for postseason with ticket release

WASHINGTON – The Orioles are hoping for the their third postseason appearance in the last five years, and they’ve emailed season ticket holders on Wednesday, telling them that postseason tickets have been reserved for them. 

Full season ticket holders will be able to purchase tickets for all postseason games.

Owners of 29-game plans can buy up tickets for up to six postseason games, including the wild card game, and 13-game plan holders can buy tickets to one game each in the Division Series, League Championship Series and World Series. 

Prices for wild card and Division Series games range between $20 and $110 for full season holders, $25 and $130 for 29-game holders and $30 to $150 for 13-game plan holders.

League Championship Series prices are between $50 and $175 for full season ticket holders, $60 and $200 for 29-game plan holders and $70 and $225 for 13-game plan holders. 

World Series ticket prices range between $100 and $280 for full season ticket holders, $115-$315 for 29-game plan holders and $100 and $350 for 13-game holders. 

A date for a public sale for postseason tickets hasn’t been announced. 


— Former Orioles reliever Tommy Hunter was released by Cleveland. 

— RHP Logan Ondrusek, who was recalled by the Orioles on Thursday, said his two weeks in Bowie were helpful. 

“I went down there to work on a couple of pitches and reset a little bit,” Ondrusek said. 

When he signed with the Orioles on July 29, he was a free agent who had pitched in 2015 and 2016 in Japan. 

“It was a big rush coming back from overseas and everything. Just trying to get back on track and get back to pitching like I know I can,” Ondrusek said. 


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Buck Showalter says bullpen maneuverings will continue

Buck Showalter says bullpen maneuverings will continue

WASHINGTON---Manager Buck Showalter says that until the rosters are expanded in a week, the Orioles may continue to employ the shuffling to pitchers to make sure that fresh arms are available. 

That’s why Logan Ondrusek is there. 

“We had three options,” Showalter said. “Just trying to keep everything in play. He was our best option.” 

One of them could be T.J. McFarland, who’s pitching an inning for Bowie on Thursday night. McFarland remains on the disabled list with a left knee injury, and while Showalter wants him to pitch two days in a row, he said McFarland could be available Friday if needed.

Showalter acknowledged that if a reliever, say Ondrusek or Mike Wright pitched extended innings, they’d likely be returned to the minors and a fresh arm added for Friday. 


“There’s always that possibility. We’re going to stay on firm ground in regards to health as much as we can.” Showalter said. 

He said that a pitcher can have a good outing of several innings, but will have to be optioned simply for a fresher arm. 

McFarland is known for needing little rest between, but Showalter will be proactive between now and Aug. 31, the day before rosters expand. 

“If he’s not able to pitch the next day, we’re going to cover it. We’re going to cover each start with someone who has some length,” Showalter said. 

Showalter met with the coaching staff on Thursday to discuss additions to the roster. He said the Orioles will send some players who weren’t called up to Sarasota to stay ready in case they’re needed later on. 

NOTES: Chris Tillman will throw on flat ground Monday or Tuesday. “We have an idea of when he might start for us again if everything went well,” Showalter said.  … There’s no news on Darren O’Day (shoulder). 

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Bullpen movement continues:Orioles swap out Bridwell for Ondrusek

Bullpen movement continues:Orioles swap out Bridwell for Ondrusek

Continuing to actively move relief pitchers, the Orioles swapped out Parker Bridwell for Logan Ondrusek on Thursday. 

Bridwell, who had been with the Orioles since Sunday, and allowed five runs in 3 1/3 innings in two appearances, returns to Triple-A Norfolk, and Ondrusek, who was signed as a free agent on July 29, was recalled from Bowie.

In six games, Ondrusek allowed four runs in 5 1/3 innings for a 6.75 ERA before he was sent to the Baysox on Aug. 11.


The right-handed Ondrusek, who was touted for his ability to retire left-handed batters, struggled against lefties with the Orioles. They were 4-for-8 against him with a home run two walks while right-handers were 1-for-11.

In three games with the Bowie, Ondrusek has a 6.75 ERA. 

Bridwell allowed a grand slam home run to Daniel Murphy in the ninth inning of Wednesday night’s game against Washington, and manager Buck Showalter indicated that Bridwell would probably be sent down for a fresh arm. 

With Ubaldo Jimenez starting against the Nationals on Thursday night, Showalter wants relievers who can give him multiple innings, if needed.

NOTE: Juan Bell, who was acquired by the Orioles in the trade that sent Eddie Murray to the Los Angeles Dodgers, died on Wednesday at 46 of kidney failure in the Dominican Republic.

The infielder batted .167 in 113 games for the Orioles from 1989-91. Bell also played for Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Montreal and Boston. He was the brother of Toronto Blue Jays slugger George Bell.