Friday, February 24, 2017 All listings are in EST
02:00 PM
Consumer Product Showcase
03:30 PM
Virginia Cavaliers: Chasing Uncompromised Excellence (P)
04:00 PM
Capitals Central (R)
04:30 PM
Best of the Sports Junkies (P)
05:30 PM
Redskins Nation (P)
06:00 PM
Geico SportsNet Central (L-HD)
06:30 PM
Wizards GameTime (L-HD) (CSN+)
06:30 PM
Caps GameTime (L-HD)
07:00 PM
NHL: Edmonton Oilers @ Capitals (L-HD)
07:00 PM
NBA: Wizards @ Philadelphia 76ers (L-HD) (CSN+)
09:30 PM
Wizards Extra (L-HD) (CSN+)
09:30 PM
Caps Extra (L-HD)
10:00 PM
Geico SportsTalk Live (L-HD)
10:30 PM
Geico SportsNet Central (L-HD)
11:00 PM
Caps in 30: Edmonton Oilers @ Capitals (L-HD)
11:30 PM
Redskins Nation (R)