Victim IDed in Shooting at 17th & L NW


Victim IDed in Shooting at 17th & L NW

Police have identified the victim of a fatal shooting in the Golden Triangle area of the District as 24-year-old Paul Aime Tanoh Danzo of Laurel, Md.

Danzo was found in his vehicle with multiple gunshots around 2:30 a.m. in the 1000 block of L Street NW, near the Farragut North Metro station.

Police believe the shooting may have happened after an altercation apparently broke out in a nearby club around closing time, and spilled out into the street.

Witnesses reported that the scuffle involved two groups of five to six men each.

"Yeah, there was a scuffle in front of the club over there...," a witness said, but declined to name the venue. "Someone got thrown across the sidewalk, and he got up, said a few words and walked away. So we figured it was over, but I guess they came back to get him."

That witness heard about the shooting about an hour later, he told News4's Megan McGrath.

Danzo was transported to a local hospital, where he later died.

There is no information on a suspect or suspects, but police are on the lookout for a black BMW with chrome wheels. They will also review footage from a surveillance camera in the area.

17th Street NW was blocked between K and L streets for several hours while police investigated at the scene. It reopened shortly before 8 a.m., but a section of the sidewalk remained blocked off as the workday began, creating complications for some people who work in the area.

"..I'm probably going to a different office or I'm going to work from home," said one worker. "No one knows what's happening."

Edmonton gives someone else a chance as Tornoto wins NHL Draft Lottery


Edmonton gives someone else a chance as Tornoto wins NHL Draft Lottery

Sorry conspiracy theorists, the Edmonton Oilers did not win the draft lottery. Instead it was the Toronto Maple Leafs who will be picking first in June after winning the NHL Draft Lottery on Saturday.

The Leafs had the best odds to win after finishing the regular season with the NHL's worst record. Behind them will be Winnipeg who jumped up to second.

Here is the full draft order:

1. Toronto
2. Winnipeg
3. Columbus
4. Edmonton
5. Vancouver
6. Calgary
7. Arizona
8. Buffalo
9. Montreal
10. Colorado
11. New Jersey
12. Ottawa
13. Carolina
14. Boston

Five of the top six picks in the draft are now held by Canadian teams.

By winning the lottery, the Maple Leafs will have the option of drafting forward Auston Matthews who is widely considered to be the top prospect in the draft. The irony of an American prospect going first overall to the biggest market in Canada should not be lost on anyone.

Edmonton finished the season with the second-worst record in the NHL, but did not win an unprecedented fifth time in seven years. The Oilers instead fell to No. 4 in the draft.

The NHL Draft will take place in Buffalo on June 24 and 25.


Brach seems always to be in right place for the win


Brach seems always to be in right place for the win

BALTIMORE— It seems that Brad Brach is always the winning pitcher when the Orioles take the lead late in a game. 

On Friday night, Brach gave up just his second run and fifth hit when Chicago’s Brett Lawrie tied the score in the top of the seventh, but Nolan Reimold’s three-run home run gave the Orioles the lead. 

Brach is 3-0 this year, and 15-4 in his three seasons with the Orioles.

“Unfortunately, last night was not the win I wanted to get. I don’t what it’s been. I don’t know if it’s the case of being in a lot of tight games or what the deal is, but I’ve been fortunate enough to be in a lot of games that are close, and we score some runs, and I get wins. Hopefully, we can continue doing that,” Brach said. 

This year, Brach has pitched 14 1/3, walking five and striking out five. 

“It’s just going after the hitters. It’s what I did in the minor leagues. In the last three or four or five years, I didn’t attack the hitters like I normally do.  My walk numbers were way up,” Brach said.

“I don’t know if it’s just confidence or overall stuff or what it is, but I’m just been real aggressive and trying to get back to what I did in the minor leagues and keep the walks down. That’s pretty much been keeping me out of trouble.”

Brach has mixed up his pitches more, too. 

“I got to throw my slider a lot during the spring this year. It gave me confidence in a third pitch. It’s allowed me to go right after the hitter and use any one of my three pitches in any count, and that’s been huge,” Brach said. 

If the starters give the Orioles a good six innings, the bullpen thinks they’ve got the game in hand.

“That’s what we kind of think. Until teams show us otherwise, that’s what we’re going to believe. If we have a lead or it’s a tie game in the sixth, it’s over and we’re going to win. It’s confidence we have in each other down there. We all just believe that the next guy who’s out there is going to put up a zero and we’re going to get a W,” Brach said.