Hoyas past and present reunite to make a dream come true

Hoyas past and present reunite to make a dream come true
June 30, 2014, 11:30 am
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Past and present members of the Georgetown men's basketball program got together Friday and for reasons more meaningful than just catching up.

Here's a photo released by the program. Some of the faces are incredibly familiar, others perhaps not. From left to right: Walk-on David Allen, Dikembe Mutombo, coach John Thompson III, Wizards forward Otto Porter, '15 Jabril Trawick, '17 Reggie Cameron, '18 Isaac Copeland, '18 Tre Campbell, Pistons forward Greg Monroe, '18 Trey Mourning and Celtics forward Jeff Green. That's a ton of history and reminders of Georgetown's previous success while the three freshmen represent hope for a rebound campaign.

In front of these rather large people, 15-year London native Mohini Samani. Per Georgetown, Samani, a terminal cancer patient, spent the week touring Washington, D.C. which ended with a visit to the Georgetown campus. She connected with the Hoyas as part of the Starlight Children's Foundation to help "make a dream come true," per the school's release.

"Having the opportunity to meet Mohini was a special experience for all of us," Thompson said. "The way she carries herself with all that she has gone through and continues to go through is inspiring and it probably means just as much for our guys to spend time with her and her family, as it does for her to spend time with all of us."