Hockey Bracketology?: Alex Ovechkin picks NCAA tournament

Hockey Bracketology?: Alex Ovechkin picks NCAA tournament
March 18, 2014, 1:30 pm
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With March Madness now upon us the sporting world has turned its collective attention to college basketball and everyone is scrambling to fill out their brackets.

That includes hockey players.

Alex Ovechkin took to Twitter Monday asking fans for help filling out his bracket.

On Tuesday, Ovechkin filled out his bracket and thankfully the cameras were there to catch his hard-hitting analysis.

When it came down to the New Mexico/Stanford matchup, Ovechkin broke it down by saying, “Burritos the most hard-working guys, in, like the whole world” before picking New Mexico. While studying the North Carolina/Providence game, he went with UNC saying “[Maria Kirilenko] going to have a tournament in North Carolina.”

Hey, there are worse ways to fill out a bracket.

So who did the great 8 have in his Elite Eight? Who did he have winning it all? You can see the video here to watch how it all plays out.

Virginia fans will be very happy.