Foggy Bottom 411: GW's Lonergan on 'True Detective'

Foggy Bottom 411: GW's Lonergan on 'True Detective'
March 13, 2014, 9:30 pm
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I cannot tell a lie: The George Washington men's basketball team is about to be on your TV a bunch. Starts with this week's Atlantic 10 Tournament in Brooklyn. Then the madness of March picks up with the upcoming NCAA version. Therefore, in addition to our usual pre and post-game Colonials coverage, CSN will provide frequent mini-posts on the Foggy Bottom program until it's time for the Blue and Buff faithful to take off their dancing high tops. We're talking insight for the diehard fans, information for those just getting acquainted with the 23-7 squad and today...a look at coach Mike Lonergan's television watching habits.

Next game: GW, the No. 3 seed, faces No. 6 Massachusetts at 9 p.m. in Friday's final quarterfinal matchup

*CSN: Kethan Savage hasn't played since fracturing his left foot against Saint Bonaventure on Jan. 18. The sophomore guard remains your second-leading scorer with 13.4 points. Looks like he's ditched the crutches, but will he ditch the street clothes for the Atlantic 10 Tournament?

Lonergan: "I expect him to be back in really limited minutes, truthfully. He hasn't practiced or anything, just shooting around doing some things with the trainers, doing a little bit each day."

Since that wasn't the most expansive of answers and the return of Savage is notable, we go to senior forward and leading rebounder Isaiah Armwood for an assist.

"He's our second leading scorer. He's our best player [at] getting to the basket," Armwood said of the Fairfax native. "When he was playing, he was averaging around 14 points. If he can come back and just give us a tiny bit of that, it will be a great help because we haven't had that the last half of the season."

GW essentially has six scoring options, including All-A10 performers Armwood, Maurice Creek and Patricio Garino. That  grouping includes Savage. When healthy, the 6-foot-3 Fairfax native provides a dribble-drive option otherwise absent on the roster. Perimeter threats Maurice Creek and especially Nemanja Mikic consistently knocked down more 3's with Savage in the lineup. Without Savage, the Colonials receive virtually no offensive production outside the starting lineup. So, yeah, even 5-10 minutes of help -- actual or perceived -- would boost GW's cause.

* CSN: Coach, clearly you've been busy lately, perhaps to the point where the idea of watching TV for pleasure or keeping up with pop culture seems laughable. Therefore, as a way to gauge your awareness, what's your knowledge base on "True Detective?"

Lonergan: "Hajj Turner, my assistant [coach], talks a lot on the bus about it. I know it's a TV show, but I don't know if it's on HBO or regular TV. During the season, I basically give (TV) up. During the summer, I watch those CSI's, get really hooked on them. Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos. That's how long it's been [laughs].

"I watch games. My kids are into it so much now they watch games with me. [Monday] night we watched Manhattan-Iona. I'm friends with an Iona assistant so I was rooting for them, but in a way, Manhattan winning is good for us, our RPI [Note - GW won at Manhattan on Nov 16]. March is a fun time in our house.

"I hear True Detective is very good. What is it on? [HBO] Is it fiction? [Yes] Maybe someday somebody will give me the DVD. I do get addicted. It's just too time consuming."

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