Coaches weigh in on College Football Playoff

Coaches weigh in on College Football Playoff
July 22, 2014, 6:00 pm
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This season marks the first season of the College Football Playoff era and so far, reaction from the coaches has been largely positive.

“I think that’s great,” said Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer at the ACC Football Kickoff on Monday. “I think financially certainly it’s outstanding, but I think the excitement, the talk, the finding the teams, to me it’s everything good about it. I think it’s the way we should go.”

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Indeed after one too many BCS controversies, excitement for the new four-team playoff is palpable. Virginia head coach Mike London, however, cautioned that the controversy over whatever team gets left out of the playoffs is still not likely to go away.

“You’re always going to have the argument with a fifth team not feeling like they got due justice,” he said. “If you went to eight teams, you’re going to have a ninth team. The system is the way it is.”

London comes into the new system with a unique perspective having coached in the FCS prior to coming to UVa. The FCS has had a playoff system since 1978, but as London noted, the controversy over who gets excluded remains an issue.

While expansion may not be a perfect solution, any system that includes more than two teams remains far preferable. Some coaches already are advocating further expanding the playoff to eight teams, something Beamer was sure to note he was in favor of.

“The only thing I’d like better is if it was eight teams. But I do think within the four teams you’ve probably got a good shot at getting the best team in the country.”