Melky Cabrera could be in big trouble with MLB


Melky Cabrera could be in big trouble with MLB

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NEW YORK (AP) -- An associate of San Francisco Giants All-Star Melky Cabrera purchased a website and attempted to create evidence to support a claim that the outfielder inadvertently took the substance that caused a positive drug test, Major League Baseball said. Baseball officials uncovered the scheme as Cabrera prepared his case to challenge the test. Cabrera's grievance then was dropped, and MLB announced a 50-game suspension Wednesday. The New York Daily News first reported on the scheme Sunday. A team of six-to-seven investigators from MLB spent several weeks working to uncover the plan, a baseball official familiar with the probe told The Associated Press. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because MLB didn't authorize anyone to discuss the matter publicly. It's the first such case MLB has had and officials hope that uncovering the scheme will discourage similar attempts. The person said baseball had referred the case to federal investigators. A second baseball official, also speaking on condition of anonymity, said additional discipline against Cabrera was unlikely. Cabrera, MVP of the All-Star game last month, tested positive for testosterone, MLB said. The person said Juan Nunez, who works with Cabrera's agents, purchased an existing website and attempted to alter it in a manner that would allow Cabrera to claim the positive test was caused by a substance obtained through the website. The News reported Nunez paid 10,000 for the website. "If you create a new website, you would know when the website was created," the baseball official said. "At least they were smart enough to buy an existing website." The baseball official said MLB investigators were able to use their forensic resources to trace the website back to Nunez. Cabrera is represented by brothers Sam and Seth Levinson of ACES, a sports management company based in Brooklyn. The Levinsons told the Daily News that Nunez was a "paid consultant" of their agency. "The MLBPA has clearly stated that ACES has no connection to the website or this matter and, as reported, Juan Nunez has taken full responsibility for his acts," Seth Levinson told The Associated Press. "There is nothing more we can add and we will allow our reputation in the industry for 27 years to speak for itself." The second baseball official said MLB intends to ask the Major League Baseball Players Association, which regulates agents, to follow up on the situation at ACES. Cabrera was enjoying the best season of his big league career, helping the Giants contend for a postseason berth. He was hitting .346 with 11 homers and 60 RBIs, but will miss the rest of the regular season and the start of the playoffs, if the Giants advance that far. A former member of the New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves and Kansas City Royals, Cabrera is eligible for free agency after the World Series. San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy declined to discuss the allegations against Cabrera before the Giants played the Padres in San Diego. He didn't defend his player's actions, either. "You can be world-class parents and your kids can go south or have some issues. We can't follow guys 247, and it comes down to choices. (Cabrera) is a grown man, he's a veteran," Bochy said. "These are unfortunate things and we'll continue to work at cleaning out baseball."

Georgetown and Maryland men's basketball programs makes AP all-time rankings

Georgetown and Maryland men's basketball programs makes AP all-time rankings

How do you measure the success of a program? National Championships, NCAA tournament appearances, conference championships, continued success, etc. 

The Associated Press just gave another way to measure the top men's basketball programs of all time: their weekly rankings. 

Since January of 1949, the AP has been ranking the top teams in college basketball on a weekly basis. It has ranged from the top 10 teams all the way to the top 25 that we know today. Looking back into those over 1,100 rankings, the AP associated a point system to calculate the success; one point for being in a ranking, two points to be at the No. 1 ranking.

In their release, the AP also wanted to point out that they do not have a post-national championship rankings so the national champs are not factored into the rankings. 

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Both Georgetown and Maryland were ranked as two of the top 20 teams in the country:

No. 15. GEORGETOWN (421 Points)

Total appearances: 34.67% of all polls
First appearance: Jan. 13, 1953
No.1 ranking: 12
Best full decade: 1980s, appeared in 83.13% of polls.
Worst full decade: 1960s, didn’t appear in a single poll during the decade.
Poll point: After making their first appearance in the Jan. 13, 1953, poll, the Hoyas didn’t appear again for 25 seasons. Not until January 1978. After that, they were ranked at least once for the next 19 seasons, all under John Thompson’s coaching tenure.

No. 17. MARYLAND (400 Points)

Total appearances: 34.93% of all polls
First appearance: Jan. 29, 1954
No.1 ranking: 0
Best full decade: 2000s, appeared in 75.79% of polls.
Worst full decade: 1960s, appeared in only one poll.
Poll point: The Terrapins have the claim of being ranked the most without ever being No. 1. In six different seasons, including four straight in the mid-1970s, Maryland reached No. 2 at least once, but just hasn’t managed to get enough votes to take the top spot.

Other notable teams: 

No. 32 Virginia (283 points)

No. 42 West Virginia (229 points)

No. 88 George Washington (74 points)

No. 99 Virginia Tech (50 points)

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Kelly Oubre, Ian Mahinmi stand at center of Wizards' defensive turnaround

Kelly Oubre, Ian Mahinmi stand at center of Wizards' defensive turnaround

LOS ANGELES -- Amid the joyful chaos in the locker room following the Wizards' first division title in four decades, a vital piece of Tuesday's accomplishment, Kelly Oubre, eased his way out of Staples Center wearing a tray of diamonds over his teeth. 

Ian Mahinmi did the same. Meaning, left the locker room virtually unnoticed. Minus the grill Oubre wore. 

If it weren't for those two second-unit players, there likely wouldn't have been a 16-point comeback to drop the L.A. Lakers 117-108 in the first game of a back-to-back. They helped make up for a first-quarter in which the first unit spotted them a 20-8 lead only to squander it. 

"Trash to cash. That's all it was," Oubre, who had nine of his 14 points in the fourth when the Wizards outscored them 37-13. "We weren't anything in the first quarter. Fourth quarter, we stepped it up. We know what our identity is. That's the difference. We know when we're not doing something right. We just streamlined it and got back to being ourselves." 

Mahinmi terrorized the Lakers in the paint. He had 10 points and five rebounds overall, but that doesn't even begin to explain his impact. He was a big reason why the Lakers shot just 5-for-21 in the fourth and committed five turnovers.

Oubre's first bucket of the fourth quarter came because of Mahinmi. He stole Tyler Ennis' pass which led to the dunk. Recognizing he was being defended by inferior post players, Mahinmi confidently isolated and went to work with a counter move at the rim to get the layup and the foul. After making the free throw, the Wizards' deficit was down to 101-97.

When he left the floor around the four-minute mark, the Wizards were even and the starters closed it out.  

"His defense, his presence as he finished around the basket, his deflections, his protecting the basket, his protecting the paint, it's huge," coach Scott Brooks said. "They were having their way inside with us. I think their first quarter they had nine or 10 layups it seems like. All the guys in the end of the third, fourth quarter played with their heart, played with their toughness and it gave us an opportunity to get stops and get out in transition where we are at our best."

Mahinmi had only played five games because of procedures on both knees entering All-Star break. He has played in 19 since then, and his field-goal shooting has gone from 37.5% to 60.3%; his rebounding from 2.6 to 5.1; his steals from 0.6 to 1.2; his free-throw shooting from 50% to 65.3%; and his on-court/off-court rating from minus-6.8 to plus-3.3.

"He's a great defender. He's what we've been missing in the paint," Oubre said. "I can't wait until he's dunking on people like he used to."

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