Will Caps fans tune out the team without a title?

Will Caps fans tune out the team without a title?
August 13, 2012, 3:08 pm
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By JP FinlayCSNwashington.com
It seems the folks at Bleacher Report enjoy poking the Caps fan base, and they've done it again. The latest BR proclamation said that the Washington Capitals need to bring home the Stanley Cup in the 2012-2013 season, or risk losing some fans.
"If ownership wants to continue to have a successful franchise, the real winning must start now," Bleacher Report said. "Yes, Capitals fans are loyal, but their patience is running out. Anything other than a Stanley Cup Championship is now considered a failure."
The authors point out the differences in the D.C. hockey crowd between diehard fans who will always attend Caps games, and some of the newer fans, attracted to the winning team and the successful branding and marketing efforts seen inside the Verizon Center.
Last season, the Caps snuck into the playoffs after a disappointing regular season that featured a coaching change. More mediocrity, and early round playoff exits, and the Bleacher Report crew expects empty seats for Caps hockey.
Maybe new coach Adam Oates will be able to get this talented collection of Capitals to perform at their highest level, both in the regular season and in the playoffs. If he does, the Caps will continue to enjoy great crowds at Verizon Center. But if the Caps stumble early in the season, or worse, what happens?
There has long been a feud between the bandwagon Caps crowd and the diehards; is this the year the bandwagon fans stop showing up?
Also a quick link to the District Sports Page. They've got some great pics of Rod Langway taking in the Potomac Nationals game at Washington Capitals Day yesterday. Slapshot and the Red Rockers also attended the minor league baseball game. I think the cross-sports D.C. promotional scene is a good thing; let me know what you think. I know for some it is a transparent attempt at selling more tickets and merchandise, but maybe I just dont have my cynic shades on today.