What the Penguins are saying (Dan Bylsma) ...

What the Penguins are saying (Dan Bylsma) ...
June 2, 2013, 8:15 am
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The top-seeded Penguins fell 3-0 to the Boston Bruins in Game 1of the Eastern Conference Final Saturday night in Pittsburgh. The following is a post-game transcript from Penguins coach Dan Bylsma:

 Q.  Dan, how do you, going forward, prevent Boston from doing what it was able to do, which is winning a lot of battles in the neutral zone? 
        COACH BYLSMA:  I think in probably the latter, I'd say, 35 minutes of the game, we got away a little bit from our execution.  Brought pucks back, tried to make plays through the neutral zone.  They had all five guys back.  We weren't able to get through that. 
        Got away from how we execute.  Not so much our execution not working, we just got away from a lot of that trying to generate a scoring chance instead of executing the way we need to to get behind their defense and get into the offensive zone. 
        They did a good job of that. 

        Q.  Dan, from up top on some of the TV replays, looks like you might have had 8 to 10 golden scoring opportunities.  Do you as a coach dwell on the positives that you did right to set up those opportunities or are you more focused on what failed? 
        COACH BYLSMA:  We did have those opportunities.  I thought we had a handful of real good opportunities in the first period, a couple we misfired on, a couple we hit posts on.  He made a couple really good saves. 
        I think we didn't capitalize on the power-play chances that we had.  Those were big opportunities, especially the one at the end of the second going into the third. 
        We had opportunities.  But it's a tougher, tighter game.  They played well.  It's going to be that way.  You know, we have to certainly look at more ways to generate those opportunities, 'cause I think as the game went on, we got away from that and didn't have those. 

        Q.  This is the first time you have been down.  Any concern about going down 1-0?  I know you probably won't answer this, but are you going to stick with [Tomas] Vokoun? 
        COACH BYLSMA:  You're correct.  It's a situation we haven't been in yet, going down in a series, going down 1-0.  You know, we're going to have to put away Game 1, they won that, they got the first win.  We're going to have to come back with better focus to our game, more patience to how we play.  Rebound with the home game we have here coming up here in Game 2. 

        Q.  What did you think of the decision by Matt Cooke to make that hit?  What did you think of the hit itself? 
        COACH BYLSMA:  He came off [Torey] Krug holding him up there.  Clearly it's a hit right through the numbers. 
        I don't think it was a rough hit.  I think he was going into the boards, it was right from the numbers.  I'm not sure I thought it warranted a five-minute penalty.  But, you know, he did come right behind the guy, was going in with the guy.  There you have it. 

        Q.  Dan, are you concerned when you look out and see Evgeni Malkin going at it with [Patrice] Bergeron?  You see Sidney Crosby engaged in long discussions with [Zdeno] Chara?  Is that stuff you would just as soon not see given how you want to see this team play? 
        COACH BYLSMA:  I don't think the situation at the end of the second period was in our favor.  We had a power-play.  We had a power-play coming out of the third period.  We got two of our power-play guys off the ice with those altercations. 
        That's not something we certainly want to be into.  Don't want to make the game that way.  We want to play five-on-five. 
        Starting really at that point in time, with those guys going off the ice, it did I think get us off our game.  I think we could have come out and scored a power-play goal, it would have been different.  We weren't able to get back at our game after that power-play. 

        Q.  Dan, I don't know if I was seeing things, but the first period seemed on a lot of your opportunities it missed the net high a lot.  Do you think your guys were trying to be a little too fine? 
        COACH BYLSMA:  I don't.  We missed the net a couple times from bad angles, which are situations we try to avoid.  It gave them a couple of odd-man rushes in the first period.  More concerned with that management of the puck when you're shooting it than where we shot the puck. 
        Twice it happened where it did go back the other way because we did miss the net.