Oleksy's best and worst of your 2013 Capitals

Oleksy's best and worst of your 2013 Capitals
May 18, 2013, 12:30 pm
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At 27, Steve Oleksy had one of the more memorable rookie seasons for the Capitals, rocketing from relative obscurity to logging big minutes in the Stanley Cup playoffs:

During an off-day prior to starting the playoffs, Oleksy sat down with CSNWashington.com to give his light-hearted take on the best and worst in the Capitals dressing room:  

Best dressed: It’s very, very tough. There are two guys that really stand out. I would have to say Greener [Mike Green] and Ribs [Mike Ribeiro]. I mean, Ribs never takes a day off. Come to the rink at 6 in the morning and he’d be dressed to the nines. You can’t even say he’s got a No. 1 suit because every outfit he has is a No. 1.

Worst dressed: I’d have to go with Hilly [Jack Hillen], for sure. We actually just had a conversation the other day about how Hilly is five years behind the times. At least he understands it and knows it and embraces it.

Best singer: Jason Chimera. I don’t even have to think about that. He sings everything. And if he doesn’t know the words he makes them up. I could definitely see him being the lead singer of a band.

Worst singer: I’d probably have to take that one. You can ask anybody that’s ever rode in a car with me. I don’t know the words, I just pretend and I’m off-key. I’m really that bad. So I’d have to throw myself in there.

Best wheels: Oh, man, the best car on the team. There are so many. Everybody’s got a lot of nice ones. Obviously, Ovi’s got a nice one [Mercedes SL65]. Ribs [Bentley] is no stranger to the car game. He knows what he’s doing. Actually, Jojo [Marcus Johansson] just made a couple upgrades on his Range Rover with a paint job and new wheels. He’s doing all right, too.

Worst wheels: Ooh, probably me since somebody backed into my front end the other day. I have to take that one, the only 2005 Cadillac dinged up in the front.

Funniest: Oh, we have a lot of characters but that one has to go to Chimera. Sometimes he’s got me laughing like a school child in the back of a classroom. Watching that guy run around the locker room, he’s got to take that one.

Most serious: I’d probably have to say Hilly. He’s a pretty focused guy. He has fun, too, but he’s serious most of the time and he’s definitely one of our more focused guys.