Milbury: Ovechkin should be 'ashamed'

Milbury: Ovechkin should be 'ashamed'
February 27, 2013, 10:15 pm
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PHILADELPHIA -- Mike Milbury has never been a big fan of Alex Ovechkin and the outspoken NBC analyst spouted off again Wednesday night in the second intermission of the Capitals’ 4-1 loss to the Flyers, saying Ovechkin should be “ashamed of himself” for the way he played.

 “When you have great talent it comes with great expectations and accountability,” Milbury said on NBC Sports Network. “If you put him up to those two standards tonight, he fails the test miserably.”

Milbury criticized Ovechkin’s for making a blind pass in the offensive zone, saying “8-year-olds don’t do this,” and chastised him for embellishing a high-sticking call on Braydon Coburn in the second period. Milbury also said Ovechkin showed “no fight” along the wall.

 “I know they played three in four nights, but that’s no excuse,” Milbury said. “And when you’re a big star like this you don’t have to act like a baby. This is ridiculous embellishment and he should be embarrassed by this and so should his teammates. … Get up and act like a man for God’s sake.”

Ovechkin also called out Ovechkin for leaving the ice before Max Talbot scored to make it 4-0 lead.

“God almighty, that’s just so disheartening to see a player with that kind of talent fall that short in terms of effort.”

Milbury said Ovechkin owes more to the Capitals.

“This is a guy that makes a ton of money,” Milbury said. “He owes it to his owner, he owes it to his coach. That guy ought to be held accountable.”

After the game Ovechkin had little response for Milbury’s criticism.

“That’s his point,” Ovechkin said. “I don’t listen to those guys. I don’t listen to nobody on that. They can talk whatever they want, to be honest with you. It’s their point.”

When asked about Ovechkin’s play, Oates said it was a lot like the rest of the team.

“Not good enough,” he said.