Daly: NHL trying to minimize lockout damage

Daly: NHL trying to minimize lockout damage
October 12, 2012, 12:30 am
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Negotiations between the NHL and its players’ union resume today in New York as the two try to salvage what already will be a shortened regular season.

 “I think the really unfortunate part of where we are is not only the fact that we’ve done significant damage to this season's revenues,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told the Nasvhille  Tennessean, “but the bottom line is, by missing games, by missing training camp, by being in a labor dispute and a work stoppage, we're certainly risking and threatening a slowdown to some of the momentum that we've had or been able to generate — some of the popularity we've been able to build throughout the league, including in some of the non-traditional markets.

“And I think the longer-term impact of that dynamic is as scary as anything else to us, and something we jointly should have an interest in trying to minimize at this point.”

One of the many sticking points between the owners and players is the distribution of league revenue and how to support the NHL’s small-market teams like the Predators, Coyotes, Islanders, Panthers and Blue Jackets.

The NHL has proposed a plan in which $190 million will go toward small-market teams. The players’ have crafted a plan that has $260 million going to those teams.

“We’re suggesting using less room on the top end and more room on the bottom end as a way of constructing the range that's more friendly to small markets,” Daly said, “but also creates a dynamic where there will be less player escrow, so there will be less dollars at risk for the players.”