Williams wrist is 'very, very sore'

Williams wrist is 'very, very sore'
August 2, 2013, 7:15 pm
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RICHMOND—Trent Williams is playing hurt, even though it’s just Day 8 of training camp.

During the afternoon practices he has been wearing a hard cast on his left wrist. Although Williams told reporters earlier this week that it was nothing to worry about, he is in pain.

“It’s quite painful for him right now,” said Mike Shanahan. “He’s got a cast on it. We immobilized it so he can’t hurt it any further. We want to make sure he stays in football shape.”

Williams was seen grimacing in pain on occasion as he went through the padded practice and he even had to take a break at one point.

Exactly what’s wrong? “It’s sprained,” said Shanahan. Then he reiterated, “It’s very, very sore.”

Williams was elected a team captain last year and he takes his responsibility as a leader seriously. He has impressed his coach and, undoubtedly, his teammates.

“Trent has gutted it out. He’s a natural leader for us,” said Shanahan. “He’s a captain. He played hurt in a number of games last year and he wants to show his teammates even though he is hurting he still wants to play.”

Shanahan didn’t think that Williams would need a surgical procedure to fix the problem. “If he needed surgery, we would have had surgery,’ he said. “So I’m hoping he doesn’t.”

Last year Williams played through a bone bruise on his knee in the early part of the season and a deep thigh bruise he sustained early in the Thanksgiving Day game in Dallas. 

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