Williams, Sherman involved in post-game altercation

Williams, Sherman involved in post-game altercation
January 6, 2013, 11:45 pm
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Emotions flared immediately following the Washington Redskins 24-14 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

Redskins Pro Bowl left tackle Trent Williams approached Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman and the two men exchanged a few words. Within seconds, Williams shoved Sherman in the face, forcing the smaller defensive player backward.

Both men attributed the incident to the high intensity of NFL playoff football, and Williams took the blame for his actions.

“Just high emotions, man, and, you know, I let them get the best of me. It is nobody’s fault but mine,” Williams said to the media after he was able to collect himself from the postgame brouhaha.

“I’ve got to calm down a little bit. It is just when you lose a game like this with high intensity, you are on edge and I reacted in an immature manner,” Williams said.

“I am taught better than that. [I’ve] just got to be better. It takes a big man to walk away and next time I just have to be a bigger man.”

Sherman has a reputation of being vocal on and off the field. Earlier this season Sherman got involved in a war of words with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Earlier this week, Sherman sounded off about the Redskins receiving corps, saying there was little to fear from the group.

After the game, Sherman did not seem angry at Williams.

“You know it was just a little frustration on his part. It’s playoff football, everybody is a little frustrated,” Sherman said. He added that he was "very surprised" by the shove, especially while he was just out shaking hands with other players.

As far as a penalty for Williams, Sherman said that he expects the NFL to handle it. Sherman said he hopes the incident won’t become a big deal, but he expects it will be handled appropriately.

In the hours after the game, Sherman posted on Twitter that he received a text message from Williams apologizing for the shove, and that Sherman has no ill will towards the Redskins tackle.