Williams says Redskins' personnel decisions will be a 'team effort'

Williams says Redskins' personnel decisions will be a 'team effort'
February 10, 2014, 6:15 pm
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Doug Williams, the Redskins’ newly appointed personnel executive, says his role with the team will be multifaceted. 

He’ll evaluate college players. He’ll scout the NFL. He’ll even help mentor players on the Redskins’ roster. The one thing he won’t do, however, is coach.  

“This is a great day,” Williams said Monday on the LaVar and Dukes show on 106.7 The Fan. “It’s almost like when I came here in 1986; it’s got that same kind of feel. It’s not like a player but you know what? You’re coming back into the family and that’s what makes you feel so good about it.”

Williams said he’ll work closely with general manager Bruce Allen, director of pro personnel Morocco Brown and director of player personnel Scott Campbell. Each of them, Williams said, will have an opportunity to weigh in as the 2014 roster is constructed, saying it will be a “team effort.”

“I’m not going to beat up anybody who’s been here,” Williams said. “But I do feel now it’s going to be more of a team effort, [relying on different] opinions. It’s not going one person saying, ‘No, this is who I want and that’s who I’m going to get’.”

Williams, of course, was referring to former head coach Mike Shanahan, who had final say on the roster.

“Being in the room [at Redskins Park] today, just listening to everybody throw out what they think about certain players, that’s a good feeling," he added. "At the end of the day, when you look at tape, when you go out and scout people, it’s all about opinions. When everybody’s opinion comes together, you get to a consensus of, this is the guy or this is not the guy. That’s going to be the difference and the most important thing.”

Williams was the first African American quarterback to play in the Super Bowl, leading the Redskins to a win over the Broncos in 1988. And although he was most recently the head coach at Grambling State, Williams was also quick to point out that while he’s developed a relationship with Robert Griffin III, and is looking forward to getting to know him better, he won’t be coaching Griffin. That’s Jay Gruden’s job.

“No, not at all,” Williams said. “I wasn’t hired to be a coach. I’m going to let those guys do their job.”