Will Montgomery receives accolades

Will Montgomery receives accolades
November 27, 2012, 3:15 pm
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Will Montgomery is one of the more unassuming players on the Redskins’ roster. Most days, in fact, he’s perfectly content to quietly slip in and out of the locker room as the cameras crowd around Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris.

On Monday, though, Montgomery received some unexpected praise for his standout play when he was mentioned in Peter King’s Monday Morning QB column in Sports Illustrated. King named Montgomery, the Redskins' 29-year-old center, as the ‘Dr. Z Unsung Man in the Trenches of the Week.’

Indeed, Montgomery had a good week in the midst of a stellar season. According to ProFootballFocus.com, the former Centreville High and Virginia Tech standout is the second ranked center in the league behind John Sullivan of the Vikings. The website says Montgomery has allowed only one sack, one quarterback hit and three hurries.

Montgomery has also played every snap. 

“The center, thankfully, doesn’t have many one-on-one blocks,” Montgomery said when asked about the ranking. “And because we’re running the ball so much, we’re just pounding that rock and running play action passes. Those stats are great, I guess.”

What matters more to Montgomery, he said, is where the Redskins rank in rushing yards. Through 10 games, they’re second in the NFL – only five yards behind San Francisco’s total of 1,797.

“As O-linemen, the only stat we want to know about is how many yards rushing we had,” Montgomery said. “No. 46 helps with that. No. 10 helps with that. When we run the ball well, it sets up everything else we want to do during the game.”

Asked about his individual stats, he again credited Griffin and Morris with helping to make him look good.

Which, of course, was typical, humble Will Montgomery.

“Those guys get a lot of yards,” he said with a smile and a shrug. “You have to give them their props.”