Why the Redskins might trade up to the first round

Why the Redskins might trade up to the first round
February 12, 2014, 1:30 pm
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The Redskins will look at all options in the May 8 draft. Most think that they will look to trade down pick up more selections. But don’t dismiss the possibility of them trading up from their second-round pick, 34th overall, into the end of the first round. The way NFL rookie contracts are set up these days it might work to their advantage even if they could get the same player with their second round pick.

It sounds odd but there’s why there would be an advantage to jumping into the first round. Since the current CBA was ratified in 2011 all draft picks get four-year contracts. However, the team has a right to extend the contract of a player taken in the first round to five years if they exercise an option. That fifth year is at a cost that is very team friendly for players taken outside of the top 10.

If you go by the draft pick value chart, it would take a fifth-round pick to move from the 34th pick to the 31st (Broncos) or 32nd (Seahawks).  Although the Redskins could get some value out of the fifth-rounder, perhaps it might be worth more to have their top draft pick under team control for an extra season.

Of course the Seahawks and Broncos realize this also and they might not think that the fifth-round pick is sufficient compensation for losing the year of team control for their top pick. But you never know what teams might be thinking on draft day so this is a possibility worth keeping an eye on as we get closer to the draft.