Where are we? The Redskins after two games

Where are we? The Redskins after two games
September 18, 2013, 7:00 am
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Here is how the Redskins stand after 2 games:

Record: 2-2, last in NFC East
vs. NFC East: 0-1
vs. NFC: 0-2
Home: 0-1
Away: 0-1

Opposition cumulative record (games played): 2-2
Cumulative of teams beaten: N/A
Cumulative of teams lost to: 2-2
Record of teams remaining on schedule: 14-14 (.500)

Offensive MVP: The offense hasn’t done much but Trent Williams has been a big part of what they have been able to accomplish. He went up against Clay Matthews on Sunday and shut him out when it came to getting to Robert Griffin III.

Defensive MVP: Ryan Kerrigan has been good but he could be primed for a true breakout season. He has three sacks in two games and is learning how to make right tackles look silly.   

Top three storylines:

The knee of III—Or whatever it is that is slowing down the offense. The best guess is that Griffin’s knee is medically sound but that it is taking him some time for him to get used to playing on the reconstructed joint and with the brace.   

Tackling woes—Not only have the Redskins missed 30 tackles per Pro Football Focus, they have taken plenty of bad angles and haven’t been able to get into position to miss a lot of other tackles. No defensive scheme every devised will work if the players are failing to get ball carriers to the ground with that frequency.  

Must-win in September—The Redskins are fortunate that the Cowboys and Eagles both figured out ways to lose on Sunday so they aren’t staring at a two-game deficit in the standings. But regardless of what the rest of the division does the Redskins simply can’t afford to start the season at 0-3 especially if they continue to be non-competitive.

Next three games

Sunday vs. Lions (1-1)—The Lions think they should be 2-0 after they let one get away in Arizona. Are they the 2011 playoff team that seemed to be on the rise? Or are they last year’s 4-12 disaster? They’re probably somewhere in between and they will give the struggling Redskins all they can handle on Sunday.

Sept. 29 @ Raiders (1-1)—Terrelle Pryor has pumped some life into this franchise. They gave the Colts a competitive game on the road on Week 1 and then took care of business at home against the Jaguars. It’s a game the Redskins should win even if they’re not yet in top form but it is not the automatic “W” is seemed to be when the schedule came out.

Oct. 13 @ Cowboys (1-1)—If the Redskins manage to win their next two games this will be a pivotal contest. A win would get their season back on track while a loss would leave them at 0-2 in the division and behind the proverbial eight ball.