T. Williams says RG3, Redskins 'blessed'

T. Williams says RG3, Redskins 'blessed'
December 10, 2012, 4:45 pm
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Trent Williams said it’s “blessing” that quarterback Robert Griffin III did not suffer a more significant injury Sunday afternoon.

“I talked to him,” Williams said Monday. “He is doing well. He is in high spirits. It was a pretty nasty, awkward hit. So for him not to be seriously injured is a blessing.”

Griffin suffered a sprained LCL in his right knee in the Redskins’ 31-28 victory over the Ravens on Sunday.

Williams knows a thing or two about suiting up while hurt, having played through a deep thigh bruise the past three games. But the starting left tackle said RG3 shouldn't feel any pressure to play in Cleveland on Sunday. 

“That’s totally up to him,” Williams said. “His health is far more important than any game we will play this season. His wellbeing is the only thing we should be worried about at this time. It really isn’t worth injuring it more if he’s at risk.”

Griffin did not speak to reporters on Monday.

Asked what it takes to play through an injury, Williams said: “It just takes confidence. You can’t be scared to get reinjured. Most of all, it takes heart, which I think he has both. So I think he’ll be fine if he does decide to play hurt.”

Williams also expressed confidence in backup Kirk Cousins, who passed for a touchdown and ran in a two-point conversion to force overtime at FedEx Field.

“Cousins is a really good quarterback,” Williams said. “Let’s get that out of the way. He can run this offense just as well as anyone else can. Of course he doesn’t have the dynamic 4.3 [second] speed at the quarterback position, but he is a smart quarterback.”

Williams also hinted that the public might not find out for sure whether Griffin will play against the Browns until game day. Earlier this season, Williams said the players knew Griffin would suit up against the Vikings despite all the media speculation about his status. Griffin had suffered a concussion the previous week.

“We knew he was going to play,” Williams said. “It was more of he media speculation. So we [installed] one game plan.”