Sundberg wants PAT moved back, not eliminated

Sundberg wants PAT moved back, not eliminated
January 23, 2014, 10:00 am
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Nick Sundberg heard what Roger Goodell had to say about eliminating the extra point kick after touchdowns. Sundberg requested that Goodell amend it, not end it.

Sundberg talked about the possible change with Grant Paulsen and Danny Holden on 106.7 The Fan (as transcribed by Dan Steinberg in the DC Sports Bog). “He says he wants to make the league more exciting, or he wants to make every play more exciting,” said Sundberg. “Listening to you guys and I’ve heard this before too: move [PATs] back. I agree. Don’t make it a gimme. Move it back, back it a 50-yard field goal, 45, 40, whatever you want. But don’t just get rid of it entirely. I think that’s absolutely ridiculous.”

That’s a good thought by Sundberg. A quick glance at field goal stats shows that they would probably have to move it back to where it would be about a 40-yard field goal to make it a sporting proposition. Last year field goals from 30-39 yards were good almost 90 percent of the time. From 40-49 yards it drops to 83 percent.

You might think that Sundberg would not object to watching the PAT automatically tacked onto touchdowns. But this is a guy who snapped for about half a game with a broken arm in 2012 against the Saints so it’s apparent he wants to be out there whenever he can. 

What do you think they should do with the PAT? End it? Amend it? Any other ideas what to do with it.