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Smokescreens don't end when draft is over


Smokescreens don't end when draft is over

It is fairly common knowledge that misinformation is routinely dispensed in massive doses in the weeks and months prior to the NFL draft. Fibs, half truths, smokescreens, and flat-out lies come out of the mouths of coaches, general managers and various other personnel types from the end of the regular season until Mr. Irrelevant is selected on a Saturday afternoon in late April.But does the lying stop when the draft ends? Are we supposed to believe that the same people who have been have been making up stuff for all these months all of a sudden are telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in their post-draft comments?And yet there is a tendency to do just that. Not to pick on our friends at Pro Football Talk but just as an example take a look at this article on what Bengals.com had to say about Cincinnatis selection of Wisconsin guard Kevin Zeitler.The Bengals traded down from the 21st pick to the 27th, where they picked Zeitler. Per the teams webiste, they would have taken Zeitler at 21 anyway had they not moved back.This fact makes the Bengals look like smart, shrewd operators during the draft, picking up New Englands third-round pick essentially for free. And the PFT writer reports it as though itBut is it? Do we have any way of really knowing of the Bengals would have taken Zeitler at 21? We just dont. So if we cant prove it one way or the other, why are such self-serving statements routinely treated as factual?Again, its not just PFT. Nobody in the Redskins media or outside of it has questioned Mike Shanahans assertion that Kirk Cousins was the third-best quarterback on their board. Perhaps that truly was the case. Or perhaps Shanahan embellished Cousins spot on their board in order to justify taking him with a fourth-round pick.It doesnt really matter much in the grand scheme of things, but fans should take statements regarding how their teams got this player for much less than they were willing to give up or how high a particular draft pick was on their board with a grain of salt, perhaps a whole shaker full.

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Mic picks up Packers trainer telling Cowboys' Tony Romo 'you deserve better'

Mic picks up Packers trainer telling Cowboys' Tony Romo 'you deserve better'

When longtime Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo lost his starting job to rookie Dak Prescott, there was general consensus that Prescott won the job fair and square when Romo got injured.

Romo himself said as much. But there are still people around the NFL who feel Dallas didn't do right by their 10-year starter. 

As Romo was leaving the field after the Cowboys lost to the Packers in the playoffs, Pepper Burruss, Green Bay's director of sports medicine, approached him. A microphone picked up Burruss saying what sounds like, "You deserve better." 

Take a listen. 

It's possible Burruss could have meant something else, like Romo deserved better injury luck. Maybe. 

Also keep in mind that Romo may have been leaving the field as a Cowboy for the final time of his career. What a note to leave on...

The 36-year-old has said he still wants an opportunity to start in the NFL. That won't happen in Dallas, so it's likely he'll move on to another team this offseason. 

According to Adam Schefter on ESPN Radio, the Cowboys may be willing to trade Romo to the team of his choice. 

Speculation has linked him to the Broncos, Bears, Jets and Texans.

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The Final Countdown: Ranking the Redskins 10 worst plays of the season

The Final Countdown: Ranking the Redskins 10 worst plays of the season

As should be expected when a team goes 8-7-1, there were plenty of good moments and a lot of frustrating times during the Redskins’ 2016 season. Over the next couple of weeks, Redskins Insiders Rich Tandler and JP Finlay will take detailed looks at the 10 best plays of 2016 and, to present a more complete picture of the season, the 10 worst.

No. 10 worst play of 2016

Redskins at Bears Week 16

6:35 left in Q1, Bears ball 3rd and 18 at their own 22, Redskins leading 7-0

Matt Barkley pass deep middle to Deonte Thompson to CHI 40 for 18 yards (Deshazor Everett).

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Tandler: This was not an important play in the grand scheme of things. It was early, the Bears didn’t end up scoring on the drive, and the Redskins won easily. What was frustrating about this play was the symbolism of Barkley, a third-string quarterback, completing a third and very long play with a pass to Thompson, who caught all of 22 passes in 16 games. And it was very easy.

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Finlay: The Redskins defense struggled to get off the field on third downs, and nothing illustrated the big picture problem better than Barkley's long completion. That Barkley was laregly awful that game - he threw five interceptions - makes this play stand out that much more. Probably one of the reasons for Joe Barry's departure, third down defense must get better in 2017 if the 'Skins are going to return to the playoffs. 


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