Six pack of Redskins draft observations

Six pack of Redskins draft observations
April 28, 2013, 10:00 am
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Redskins look for hidden talent

Six observations on the Redskins draft:

—It’s always better to have a first-round draft pick than not but the Redskins and most fans will happily accept not having one due to the RG3 trade. There was an up side to not having that first rounder in that it forced the brain trust to be more patient; it kept them from moving up. Mike Shanahan said that they couldn’t move up even though they might be tempted to because they didn’t have enough draft picks. That forced them to stay patient and players they liked who filled needs such as Phillip Thomas and Bacarri Rambo fell right into their laps where they were.

—For the first time since 2002, Shanahan did not draft an offensive lineman. That area is in pretty good shape. All five starters are under contract through at least 2014 and four O-linemen were taken in the last two drafts. Sure, upgrades were possible but there were more pressing needs and there was no point in taking an offensive lineman just for the sake of taking one.

—A lisfranc injury, a fracture or dislocation where the upper and lower foot bones meet, used to be an injury that could put a serious crimp in a football player’s career. However, new medical technology has improved both the recovery time and quality of the repairs. If the injury that Brandon Jenkins suffered last September in Florida State’s season open heals to the point where he is as good as new, he could be a major steal in this draft. Quality pass rushers usually come off the board early. If Jenkins can get pressure on the QB coming off of the bench he’ll be a huge asset.

—Some are trying to figure out the David Amerson pick since he looked so bad at times in 2012. It is pretty simple, really. He needs to develop. Amerson will be Raheem Morris’ top project. It will be his job to make him more like the Amerson of 2011, the guy who led the nation in interceptions with 13, and less like the Amerson of last year. You can coach technique; you can’t coach size and speed.

—At some positions it is a curse to be drafted to a team with established players in your position. At running back, that’s not always the case. There is often plenty of work for backups in training camp and especially in preseason games. Snaps with the starting offense are often available since the top-line ball carriers are often rested when the games don’t count. This could give Chris Thompson and Jawan Jamison plenty of chances to showcase themselves to the Redskins and to other teams. If they can’t make the Redskins, another team might give them a look.

—After every draft there are veteran players who will not be as comfortable as they might have been because players were drafted at their positions. We’ll look at this in more depth over the coming days but at first glance you’d have to say that DeJon Gomes, Jordan Pugh, Darryl Tapp, Richard Crawford, Roy Helu Jr., Keiland Williams, Evan Royster and Niles Paul did not have good weekends.