Shurmur: Browns preparing for both QBs

Shurmur: Browns preparing for both QBs
December 13, 2012, 12:45 pm
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Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan insists that he intends to play coy with his team’s quarterback situation until the last possible moment in an effort to keep the Browns guessing. And, from what Cleveland coach Pat Shurmur told local reporters, that gamesmanship will impact his team's preparation.

“When it’s something like this, where you’re not sure who’s going to play quarterback, what we do is prepare for the Washington Redskins offense, which, as you know, has elements of the West Coast dropback throwing game,” Shurmur said during a conference call Wednesday. “They have the off-tackle zone running game, and with RG3 as your quarterback, you have the option, triple-option quarterback plays [and] running quarterback plays." 

He added: “We have to prepare for all of those elements as we move forward.” 

Griffin was on the practice field for the second consecutive day Thursday. He was officially listed as “limited participation” in Wednesday’s session – his first on-field activity since suffering a sprained LCL in his right knee Sunday against the Ravens. 

Although Griffin said he is optimistic about playing at Cleveland Browns Stadium, Shanahan hinted said he has no plans to announce his starting quarterback before he has to. If Griffin doesn’t play, Kirk Cousins is expected to start in his place. 

Cousins doesn’t possess the speed or present the running threat that Griffin does. And the Browns have precious little film on the rookie, who has attempted only 11 passes while playing sparingly in two games.

“I don’t know,” Shurmur said when asked how the Redskins’ offense might looking without RG3 at the helm. “It’s hard to tell, and that’s why you prepare for the full offense. I’m sure there’s things that RG3 has done that are really not tradition NFL-type plays that Kirk can still run. It would be hard for us to guess. We just have to move forward and prepare like either one will play.”

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