Should the Redskins wait to draft a safety?

Should the Redskins wait to draft a safety?
April 20, 2013, 10:15 am
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A few days ago we talked about supply and demand at safety and whether or not the Redskins would be able to get a starting caliber safety with the 51st pick. If they can’t, they could go in another direction.

But there is another reason why they might bypass taking a safety in the second round. If they are confident that they can get a player just as good in the third or even fourth as they can in the second, why not wait?

The depth of the class at safety could allow them to address another area with the 51st pick and then take a safety later on. It all depends on how the Redskins’ draft board looks when they get there. If there are several safeties who are roughly equal on their board when their turn in the second round comes around they could figure that one or more of them will still be there when the 85th pick comes around.

One such player could be Phillip Thomas of Fresno State. In mock drafts, he frequently shows up as the Redskins’ choice at 51. But here is what Mike Mayock had to say about him in a recent conference call with reporters.

I like him . . . He might have as good of ball skills as any safety in this draft. Moves well on the ball, catches it, sees it. With Washington, the first pick is at 51, and he's a guy you could get in the third round. Again, I think he's a starting free safety, and I love his ball skills.

So although Thomas is a good enough player to be worthy of the 51st pick, Mayock believes that they could get him later on. If the Redskins think the same thing about Thomas or about another safety, they could get some great value out of their first two picks.