Should the Redskins pursue DeSean Jackson?

Should the Redskins pursue DeSean Jackson?
March 29, 2014, 9:45 am
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Could the Redskins sign free agent wide receiver DeSean Jackson? And if they can, should they?

The answer to the first question is yes and no. Yes, the Redskins could design a contract that would suit the 27-year-old receiver’s financial needs and fit it in their current cap space, which stands just under $6 million. It would take some doing and would eat up a good chunk of the remaining space but they push some money into later seasons. That’s not a big gamble given Jackson’s age.

It would create an issue with cap expenditures at the wide receiver position with Pierre Garçon slated to count around $10 million against the cap for each of the next three seasons. But it is possible for it to be done if the Redskins are willing to take that risk.

But it seems farfetched that Jackson would be interested in joining a 3-13 team with a first-time head coach that is at least retooling if not rebuilding. So, even if they were able to move around enough money to satisfy Jackson’s financial demands it seems likely that they would fall short in terms of other factors that Jackson would be considering when deciding on a team.

But let’s say that the money could be worked out and that Jackson is intrigued by possibility of working with Robert Griffin III. Should the Redskins pull the trigger?

No. And the gang allegations have nothing to do with it. The extent of Jackson’s involvement with gangs, if any, is not really known by now. But even absent the gang concerns there are still plenty of good reasons to steer clear of Jackson.

Among Jackson’s issues cited by Eagles media when talking about why he was released were his attitude, work ethic, and negative influence on younger players. Oh, and despite the fact that he was due to make $10 million this year he talked of wanting a new contract shortly after the season ended.

Perhaps in a few years when the team matures and Jay Gruden establishes himself as a legitimate NFL head coach with a degree of gravitas, they will be able to take on a very talented, high-maintenance diva. But right now with Gruden just getting started out and Griffin still in need of some seasoning is just not a good time to add a volatile element like Jackson to the mix.